Our vision
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Our Vision and Mission Statement

To achieve behavioural, social and economic transformation, not only for the young men of South Africa, but also the women, mothers, sisters and daughters of this nation.

Reaching one young man at a time, individually and intentionally changing their perception, the organisation views each young heart that is healed, a magnificent success which crafts the road of personal development and success for the next generation to come. With this
mission in mind, Boys In Need International seeks to uplift, enrich and validate each young soul, making it their mission, to give more than they receive, build higher than they dream and reach more young men one interesting conversation at a time.

What sets us apart

With the pure intent of enriching lives, not only that of the men of South Africa, but also the women, Boys In Need International focuses on young men, understanding that often women and men of South Africa suffer at the hands of men who lost their way at a young age. Reaching these young men on a personal level, building confidence, showcasing personal contentment, teaching them how to succeed, ultimately builds the success of this country of ours. Offering special skills such as psychotherapy and counselling, the organisation is more than equipped with the single one skill set that promises the success of this establishment.

Helping young men change their mindset and perception of their future and opening them to new horizons and possibilities, is at the forefront of this challenge.

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